Dunstable lad launches spouse visa petition to reduce income requirement

Above: Ali
Above: Ali

A determined Dunstable man has started an online petition which has generated thousands of hits in a bid to reduce the income requirement for spouse visas.

Mohammad Ali Javed, known as Ali, recently launched his campaign on the website, seeing its support skyrocket.

In just a matter of weeks the petition has gained over 19,000 signatures, a strong start on its journey to reach the 100,000 needed to ensure it is debated in parliament.

Ali claimed: “The current income requirement for British citizens to bring their non-EU spouses to the UK is £18,600.

“According to the BBC, the Migration Observatory estimates 47 per cent of working people across the UK do not earn enough to meet the new requirements.

“Britons earning minimum wage should have the right to a family.”

“The High Court suggested £13,000 — still above National Minimum Wage — which is being appealed by the Home Office as too low.

“Meanwhile, members of the EU with non-EU spouses and children are not subject to any income requirement.”

Mohammad proposes lowering the income requirement so that citizens working full-time -37 hours - on a minimum wage salary (£12,787) can be with their families.

He also urges residents to write to local MP Andrew Selous about the matter, Ali having written a letter himself.

Ali claimed: “I’ve seen so many people who are stuggling with this and was inspired by watching a protest on Channel 4 news, which was held by families who are affected.

“Prince Harry is bringing his wife over from America, which is fine, but there should be the same law for everyone. There is also the term ‘Skype families’; one parent in the UK is working hard on minimum wage , but their children and the other parent (living abroad in a non-EU country) can only see them on Skype. It is very upsetting.”

One person who signed the petition wrote: “Why should you be subjected by your income when it comes to love?”

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