Dunstable residents in the top ten for US Powerball tickets purchased in UK


Dunstable is in the top ten for places with the highest proportion of US Powerball tickets purchased in the UK.

Sixteen percent of all lottery tickets purchased by Dunstable residents on international lottery website,, are for the US game, which has a jackpot prize of $650m (£507 million) tonight (Wednesday 23 August).

This week’s draw is the 20th rollover in a row for the US Powerball.

Pablo Grunbaum, COO of, said: “The Powerball is known for its huge jackpot amounts and the continued rollovers in recent weeks means the current prize is an astonishing £507 million.

“This amount is 39 times higher than the average jackpot amount for the UK Lotto, so there is a real opportunity for Brits to try a new lottery and see if they can win big.”

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