Dunstable shopper finds dead beetle in Asda salad!

The beetle in Emma's salad.
The beetle in Emma's salad.

A Dunstable shopper had a fright on her lunch break, when she found a dead bug while munching on a chicken and bacon salad from Asda.

Beautician Emma Bowkett, 23, of Cheyne Close, bought the supermarket’s sealed, own brand salad from the Court Drive store on January 5, trying her New Year’s resolution to eat more healthily.

Emma with her salad receipt and gift card.

Emma with her salad receipt and gift card.

However, while she was on her lunch break in the salon later that day, there was a surprise waiting in Emma’s meal...

Emma claims: “I’d eaten half of it when I was mixing it round and saw a bug at the bottom. I just screamed! My manager asked, ‘what’s up?’ and I replied ‘there’s a bug in my salad! It was a greeny-brown iridescent colour.

“I threw the salad in the bin, but my manager said I should take it back to Asda. I took it out the bin to take a photo. I kept gagging!”

Emma explained that the salad photo contains hairs because the hair and beauty salon’s bin had her customers’ chopped locks in it!

The beautician claims that when she went back to the store the staff were very helpful, taking the bug and salad away to send to Head Office for testing. They also gave Emma a £15 gift card, but the hairdresser wants to raise awareness.

Professor Jim Hardie, director of Science at the Royal Entomological Society, said: “The identification is a trifle difficult given the photo and that there are some 4,000 known species of beetle in the UK.

“We do eat rather a lot of insects without noticing it.

“Indeed, there are regulatory levels of how many insect parts are allowed in human food such as flour.

“Swallowing this small beetle would be very unlikely to have any effect.”

An Asda spokesman, said: “All of our fresh salads include freshly grown ingredients, and whilst everything is washed thoroughly in preparation and we have thorough quality control measures in place, occasionally a tenacious creepy crawly can hang on for the ride.

“We are sorry for any distress this discovery has caused Ms Bowkett and will keep her updated as we look into this further with our supplier.”