Dunstable town centre manager Annette Clynes on helping others at Christmas

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It really made me think this week while I was talking to a colleague at work, how we take for granted being with family at Christmas.

I wanted us all to think and maybe invite a friend who is on their own at Christmas or deliver a pack of biscuits or mince pies on Christmas day. Such small acts can really make a huge difference to someone.

The Salvation Army is doing a fantastic job this year in Dunstable for anyone who will be on their own. The Salvation Army is inviting anyone who will be on their own to join them for Christmas dinner or to help during the day. The service is free or a donation for the lunch would be greatly received. Call 01582 606031 for some more information from the Salvation Army.

A Visit to the local pubs and hotels for a festive drink and dinner on Christmas day in town could be a treat for people to meet on the big day. The White Lion and Old Palace restaurant are open as well as the HQ sports bar.

With Christmas only a few weeks away we have plenty still going on in Dunstable.

The ice rink will be in town from Friday 15 December, tickets are available from . We also have the Christmas competition for shops and the best Christmas houses of Dunstable. Please send in your pictures to