Dunstable Town Centre manager Clare Brett on a blooming great success

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As I work this column, the sun is shining and I am feeling a little nostalgic for those summer afternoons spent out and about.

So before we get too far into October, I thought I would remind everyone how lucky we are in Dunstable to have access to a variety of open spaces in which

to spend our lunch or leisure time.

I’m not the only one who has noticed the effort made to make our town a more pleasant environment in which to live, work and spend time as Dunstable has

won Gold, in the Anglia in Bloom awards for 2017.

The Town achieved the following successes:

>Gold medal for the town

>Gold medal and ‘best in class’ for Dunstable Cemetery

>Gold medal for Priory Gardens

>‘Best in class’ for Priory View (best sheltered housing garden in the Anglia region)

>Bronze medal for the Glider Pub

>Best in class nominations for Blows Down (conservation area category), Grove House Gardens (public open space category) and Joyce West and Andy Godly for

best individual floral display

Councillor Gloria Martin, Town Mayor of Dunstable, said how proud and delighted she was to be representing Dunstable at the awards ceremony.  “This success is so very well deserved by all the partners that took part in this year’s Dunstable in Bloom campaign”.

Visit: or get out and about and visit our open spaces.