Dunstable Town Centre manager Clare Brett on the gold stars in town

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You may remember that back in March the Dunstable Joint Committee launched the inaugural Shop Front Accreditation Scheme?

The purpose of the scheme is to recognise businesses whose shop fronts contribute positively to our town centre and encourage others to think about kerb appeal. Businesses were invited to sign up to have their premises judged worthy of accreditation.

The judges have now visited all twenty of the businesses who signed up, to decide which level of accreditation each would receive.  Business frontages have been judged on a number of criteria including cleanliness, maintenance, display and signage and awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold accreditation accordingly.

The results are in and it gives me great pleasure to announce that all twenty businesses received accreditation, with grading as follows:


Specsavers, Belvoir, PC Helpcentre, Hair Boutique, Man’s World (above), Lisa Roberts Catering, The Dressmaker, Spicer & Co, Hetty Spaghetty, Secrets, Weldair-Supplies


Priory House, Alexanders, Lombardos, Lenwell


Ruby Tuesday, The Cake House, Jonquil, Le Bonne Salon, Papa Johns

Accredited businesses have received a sticker and a certificate to display at their premises and whilst not quite an Olympic medal, it is great to recognise and reward some Pride in Dunstable!

To build on this initiative and encourage more businesses to take part,the scheme will be run again in 2017!