Dunstable woman slapped racist drunk in face after he patted her bottom at petrol station

Luton Magistrates Court
Luton Magistrates Court

A woman in Dunstable slapped a racist drunk in the face after he assaulted her at a petrol station.

Peter McIlveen, 38, of no fixed address, appeared at Luton Magistrates Court today where he pleaded guilty to charges including sexual assault as well as racially aggravated harrassment, threatening behaviour and being drunk and disorderly.

The court heard that on March 25, McIlveen was being treated by ambulance for head injuries outside shops in Houghton Parade off High Street North.

Prosecutor Toby Earnscliffe said: “He was being generally abusive to the public. Police arrived and took a complaint that the defendent had been causing problems in the shop, and had tried to stop someone paying for their items [before being headbutted].

“It was clear he was very drunk and after police arrived, he carried on being abusive to them. They took him to hospital where he was abusive to all and sundry, including black members of staff at the hospital.”

McIlveen was witnessed shouting “nigger” and other racist abuse toward hospital staff. The next day he was charged for three offences and granted bail.

On March 27, just two days after the original offences, McIlveen was at the Tesco petrol station in High Street North, Dunstable, arguing with staff after they refused to serve him due to his intoxication.

Mr Earnscliffe said: “He repeatedly swore and was abusive. He then approached a female customer and kept coming towards her until he was just three or four inches away.

“She said she was shaking with fear and told him to step back, as did other members of the public.”

At this point McIlveen started patting the woman’s bottom, making her “shocked and angry”. She then slapped him in the face.

McIlveen carried on being aggressive when police arrived and shouted, “you f****** paki” while being arrested.

His defence told the court that he lived on the margins of society and struggled to interact with people. He has been jailed for similar offences previously, and made subject to Public Orders.

McIlveen was sent to prison for a total of 64 days and ordered to pay £150 compensation to the woman he assaulted. He will be eligible for release after serving half of his sentence.