Easier Busway access for walkers and cyclists in Dunstable

Luton-Dunstable Busway
Luton-Dunstable Busway

The first phase of work to improve access to the Luton - Dunstable Busway for walkers and cyclists has started.

Improvements at Capron Road and College Drive in Dunstable, close to the White Lion Retail Park, are funded by the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund.

With permission from Houghton Regis Town Council, Central Beds Council intends to improve access to the busway at Capron Road, currently obscured by an advertising hoarding, by removing overgrown vegetation and opening the entrance to High Street North.

A CCTV camera will also be installed to monitor usage and improve user security. At the retail park, A-Frame barriers will be removed and replaced with chicanes on both sides of College Drive, making access easier for cyclists, pushchairs and mobility scooters. Usage will be monitored to deal with concerns about misuse by motorcyclists. The work is the first stage of a wider programme of government-funded work in 2015 to enhance access along the busway.

Cllr Nigel Young said: “This initial work is part of a £5 million government-funded investment programme to offer high-quality travel choices to everyone in Dunstable and Houghton Regis. Part of the programme is to improve gateways to the busway path, making it more attractive to anyone wishing to walk or cycle. The connectivity provided by the busway path is invaluable, allowing residents to travel to work and leisure more easily. This programme should make those journeys safer and more straightforward, allowing more residents to experience the advantages of using this route.”