Closure of Brewers Hill Middle School pushed forward to 2016

Brewers Hill Middle School
Brewers Hill Middle School

Plans to push forward the closure of a middle school in Dunstable were approved by Central Bedfordshire Council on Tuesday.

Brewers Hill Middle School was due to close in 2017, one year later than other middle schools closing in the area – due to fears that primary school places would be unavailable for its Year Five and Six students.

But, with Beecroft Academy due to fully transition into a primary school by 2016, the executive committee has approved plans for the middle school to shut in 2016.

Cllr Mark Versallion, executive for education, said: “Parents and carers of current Brewers Hill pupils and staff at the school have already been consulted on proposals to bring forward the closure date.

“No responses were received by the close of the consultation.

“The council and school have offered extensive support to parents and carers of all children around understanding their options to transfer to another school should the closure date be brought forward.”

Parents and children at the school found themselves in a unique position, with a smaller number of pupils gaining increased access to teachers and contact with the school headteacher.

It was estimated that, with the loss of Year 8 pupils from Brewers Hill Middle School next year, pupil numbers could have been as little as 20 after 2016.

Cllr Versallion added: “Beecroft Academy has sufficient capacity to accommodate current Year 5 pupils, and there are sufficient local places for children who would be transferring to secondary schools.

“This support has been widely welcomed and we will continue to provide support to the school on all levels to ensure that it provides a good standard of education for all pupils.

“The proposal to bring forward the closure date is based on current pupil numbers making it financially unviable to keep the school open until August 2017.”