Custard tales go down a treat for youngsters

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A prolific author dropped into The Vale Academy in Dunstable last week to treat them to a novel day.

Well known author Alan Durant has written 99 books, including picture books such as Burger Boy through to teenage thrillers and award winning poetry.

He started his day at The Vale, on Wilbury Drive, by talking to all the children in their assembly – regaling them with some fantastic readings, with a poem about custard going down particularly well with the Key Stage One children who had been preparing for the visit by reading some of Alan’s books.

Year two pupil, Zak Davies, said: “I couldn’t wait for today, I’d never met a real life author before. It was great”.

After the assembly, Alan looked around the school library and commented on how vibrant it was.

He then had an interview with the school newspaper, before moving to Year 3 and 4 for a question and answer session. 

In the afternoon, Alan did a workshop with the Year 6 pupils, drawing on his work to help the children to write some emotion poems.

Principal Rebekah Howe said: “Some of the work that came from the children was tremendous, he was such an inspiration and created a real buzz around the school.

“The children loved hearing him read some of his poems, and working with him to write their own.

“I was really proud of how involved everyone was”.