Dunstable school sings to help the deaf

Children at Hadrian Academy
Children at Hadrian Academy

Children at Hadrian Academy in Dunstable were preparing to become world record holders last week.

The pupils were singing a song and performing it in sign language at the same time as part of the sign2sing fundraising event run by charity for the deaf SignHealth.

The song, Friends Forever, was written by three girls from the Hadrian Avenue school, Eden Linney, nine, and eight-year-olds Isabelle Maynard and Sophie Unitt, who were winners in a competition run by SignHealth.

The school also invited along deaf and hearing children from the signing choir and hearing impairment unit at Sir William Ramsey School in High Wycombe to join them in the challenge.

Last year 144,503 people from schools, community groups and choirs around the country took part, raising tens of thousands of pounds to help give deaf children the same healthy future as their hearing friends.

British Sign Language is the first language of nearly 100,000 deaf people. It works with a combination of hand gestures and facial expressions.

Hadrian Academy’s vice principal, Marion Auker, said: “It’s a fantastic way for children to learn how important communication is, to have fun mastering sign language and to raise money to help improve the health of deaf children.”

SignHealth’s research has shown that deaf children’s health is badly affected by problems communicating at doctors’ surgeries and hospitals. Isolation is a real problem, too. It means that deaf children have double the chance of mental illness and life-threatening conditions in adult life.

Hadrian Academy sold stickers and hot chocolate to children and parents at the school yesterday to raise money for sign2sing.

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