Survey for Dunstable parents

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A campaign group for a free school in Dunstable is asking parents to fill out their survey, to find out if there is a demand for it.

Dunstable Community Free School is a group of parents who feel the schools will be overcrowded when three middle schools close.

Father of three, Jez Kirby, said: “With Brewers Hill Middle School, Streetfield Middle School and Ashton Middle school closing, we feel the community needs another school.

“But we need to find out if parents in the area feel the same way, that is why we are asking them to fill out the survey, to help us discover if there is a demand in Dunstable.

“The school will follow the national curriculum and employ qualified teachers.

“The school will use the current Brewers Hill site.”

A spokesperson for Central Bedfordshire Council said: “We are aware of the campaign to set up a Dunstable Community Free School on the site of Brewers Hill Middle School, in Dunstable which is currently scheduled to close in August 2017.

“The decision to close Brewers Hill, along with Ashton and Streetfield, was due to a significant drop in the number of pupils attending the three middle schools following a shift from the traditional three-tier system of lower, middle and upper towards a two-tier primary/secondary model in Houghton Regis and Dunstable.

“The decision took into account the significant impact on the schools’ budgets, with the reduction in pupil numbers making them no longer educationally or financially viable, and the closures were only agreed following significant consultation.

“The decision also took account of an alternative to closure, proposed by Brewers Hill Middle School, to eventually become a school for children from four to 19 years of age, similar to the free school now being proposed.

“At that time the council determined that there was insufficient demographic or parental demand for the proposal to be viable.”

To fill in the survey, visit: