Teachers say a fond farewell

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A teacher who has seen generations of families pass through her classroom, has retired.

Gaynor Martin who was born and brought up in Dunstable started her teaching career at Manshead in 1974.

She originally taught maths but over the yearshas also been a Head of Year and SENCO prior to her current role as Assistant Head (Inclusion).

She was also staff governor of the school’s board of governors

Miss Martin is well loved by the students and always seems to have a team of “little helpers who are always willing to undertake any jobs for her.

Miss Martinis a great sports fan and has always supported the students in their sporting endeavours.

She has always said that even if tiddlywinks was televised she would end up wanting to watch it and take sides. One of her passions is tennis and she never misses the chance to be courtside at Wimbledon each year for semi’s or finals days.

In the past, she has also taken part in annual staff tennis mixed doubles tournaments. One year she was partnered with Tom Cooksey and they adopted the pseudonyms of Martina Martin and Boris Cooksey and won the tournament!

Mr Cooksey is also leaving Manshead this year having completed 35 years service. He joined Manshead in 1980 as teacher of politics and economics.

He currently teaches Health & Social Care within the Social Sciences Faculty. Tom has also been a great sportsman and supporter of all things connected with football and cricket.