Elsa and Anna abandoned - strange items left in Luton Travelodge

Where would you find cardboard cut outs of Frozen's Anna and Elsa, a book full of love letters, a 1920's flapper dress and a fish tank - where else but Travelodge's Lost & Found office in Luton.

Wednesday, 3rd January 2018, 10:19 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd January 2018, 10:26 am
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Today, the UK’s first budget hotel brand, Travelodge, has revealed some of the more interesting items left behind in its 542 UK hotels during the last 12 months.

With nearly 19 million people annually staying in a Travelodge hotel, some of the other unusual treasures that have been left behind in Luton include:

> Cardboard cut outs of Frozen’s Anna and Elsa

> A book full of love letters

> A 1920’s flapper dress

> A fish tank

> A Bose speaker system

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokeswoman said: “We do get some interesting items being left behind. This year’s inventory list includes a Starchaser space rocket, a WW2 bravery medal, deeds to land in the Scottish Highlands, a pilot’s licence, a mother-in-law and a Lionhead rabbit called Bugs Bunny.”

“Also as more business customers are staying with us than ever before, we have had some precious items being left behind such as a 50 year old teddy bear called Rupert belonging to a high flying executive, a movie script, a rare Mont Blanc pen, share certificates worth £500k and a 24-ct lucky laughing Buddha necklace.

“The running theme our customers do tell us, is that the pace of modern life is so fast & furious that time is off the essence especially when getting from A to B and therefore valuable possessions are easily being forgotten.”