Better signage at station

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It’s good news for foreign visitors and travel-weary passengers at Luton Parkway.

First Capital Connect is investing £100,000 in improving information services.

The station is heavily used by airport passengers not familiar with the building or network and survey results show that many find what’s currently available confusing and misleading,

In addition to all-new information screens, directional signs will be upgraded to include several languages. Where space is limited, use will be made of recognised symbols such as trains, buses and tickets to help visitors find their way.

FCC spokesman Keith Jipps said: “We’ll be replacing our screens with new and improved versions that give information at a glance, as well as putting up multi-lingual signs in French, Spanish, Polish, Italian and German.”

He added: “Even though we run six shuttle buses an hour to the airport, people can understandably become anxious about the possibility of missing their flight, so a countdown screen with live information will really help.”

The new screens will show the next train to London and its platform number; an A-Z of all destinations, with the time of the next train and platform number as well as special notices; next train indicators for every platform; and a countdown screen to the next shuttle bus to Luton Airport.