Caravans deter children from skate park

Damage left behind on the site from a previous occasion when the travellers were there
Damage left behind on the site from a previous occasion when the travellers were there

A resident wants the council to take action to prevent travellers from parking their caravans on the land behind Dunstable Leisure Centre.

The mother-of-two, who does not wish to be named, says that her sons no longer use the skatepark, that was 
built last year, because they are intimidated by all the caravans on the site close to the park.

She said: “There are so many of them parked up this time, the most I have seen, but it is a constant problem.

“They come and park up, cause all this mess, let the dogs run wild, then they leave and another lot turn up.

“It’s like they know they can easily get on the 

“My sons, who are 12 and nine, used to love playing at the skatepark close to the land where they park but now they are too intimidated to go there.

“They love skating and used to love going there after school but now they don’t want to go, the problem
needs to be highlighted and sorted.

“This facility was built for the young people in Dunstable but I know some of the children are not using at the moment because of the travellers.

“Central Bedfordshire Council should put up a barrier or something to stop them from getting in.

“I have made complaints to the council and I was told they are looking into getting a barrier there.

“I think this should have been done sooner, it has been open for over a year.

“We want our children to feel safe and secure when they go to the skate park.”

Central Bedfordshire Council is working on a solution to stop travellers moving on to the site.

A spokesperson said: “We served the travellers at this site a section-77 notice in order to move them on within the next week.

“Given that this site has become something of a hotspot for illegal occupation we are progressing with a permanent defensive solution which should minimise future encampments on this site.

“These solutions should be in place within the next four weeks but we are working hard to move this timescale forward.”