Late night nuisance as tree felled in Dunstable

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A good night’s sleep was hard to find in one Dunstable street as a tree was felled with a chainsaw in the early hours of the morning.

Central Beds Council arrived at Chiltern Road shortly after 1am on Monday, August 3 to cut down the tree after it was vandalised.

Resident Julie Fisher said: “So its 1.26am, police are outside and the council are cutting a tree down with a chainsaw, deep joy!

“Apparently someone more or less cut it down and done off, second time this year. Someone has a problem with trees in Chiltern Rd.”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokesperson said: “We had a call out from the police late on Sunday night to a tree on Chiltern Road which had been vandalised and left in an unsafe condition.

“Due to its condition, the call-out gang had to fell it that night. We returned on Monday to finish the job, tidy the site, and make it safe for the public.”

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