‘Extreme stupidity’ as yobs kick over toilet in Dunstable

Stephen Hillier, Cabinet Member for Children ' Start of Life
Stephen Hillier, Cabinet Member for Children ' Start of Life

Yobs kicked down a portable toilet during Saturday’s Party in The Park in Grove House Gardens - causing a girl to emerge from the loo distressed and covered in urine.

It was an unpleasant part of what should have been a fun-filled day in Dunstable for all the family.

One witness stated: “I heard a load thud which was the sound of of the toilets being pushed over – with a young girl screaming for help inside.

“We lifted it up and she climbed out covered in the blue stuff and copious amounts of urine.”

The witness blasted the sercurity at the event, saying there was “no urgency whatsoever”.

On social media one of the girl’s parents added: “The security did not help, 40 of them I was informed were on duty.

“One police officer... had to go to Asda for something but said he would be back shortly! When he did return, he jumped straight in his van and cleared off. Why?

“Dunstable Council you have a duty of care to all who attends these events.”

The girl’s parents thanked those who assisted their daughter, including one woman who stayed with her on a park bench until a car came to take her home.

But another witness described people gloating over the incident. They said: “There was dozens of people stood round but doing nothing other than laughing and making that poor girl’s humiliation worse!

“As there’s no water pump for you to wash your hands, there was nowhere for the poor girl to at least wash the chemicals and urine off herself.”

It is understood Beds Police are now investigating the assault.

Dunstable Town clerk

David Ashlee said: “I was there when the incident took place and spoke to both of the girls’ parents to offer our apologies on behalf of the town council.

“From the council’s point of view, we’ve never had anything like that happen before and we’ve put on many events this year. The suppliers of the toilets have also never seen anything like it.

“We risk assess our events very thoroughly and that’s a very comprehensive risk assessment. But it’s very difficult to risk assess extreme acts of stupidity.

“We’re bitterly disappointed, I’ve already met my events team to see how we can prevent this happening but it is difficult to risk assess extreme stupidity. We were given a name from a witness who saw what happened, we’ve notified the girl’s father to pass the information on to the police and it’s my understanding he has done, I will be following that up with the community police inspector.

“The rest of the day went very well. We had an absolutely enormous crowd in Grove House Gardens and the event was very well supported by the good people of Dunstable.”