‘Faded Dunstable roundabout could see school children killed’

The roundabout in better days. Credit: Google Street View.
The roundabout in better days. Credit: Google Street View.

A concerned Dunstable resident fears for the safety of local school children, as she claims cars “fly across” a faded roundabout in front of her house.

The 76-year-old woman, who lives at the point where Langdale Road meets Lowther Road, claims she is fed up of hearing brakes screeching, because cars cannot see faded roundabout lines situated where the two streets join.

The woman argues that the lines have been faded for three or four years, and hopes that Central Bedfordshire Council will take urgent action and paint them, as she fears for the safety of the “newly independent” 11-year-olds who walk to Queensbury Academy by themselves.

The woman claimed: “Nobody here has any idea there is a roundabout when driving – the amount of times I hear people’s car brakes screeching – it’s on a daily basis!

“We also have many Queensbury school children trying to cross on this corner and it really is very worrying – someone is going to get killed.

“Nobody thinks they should give way or wait, or treats it as a roundabout.

“We once had a car come down Langdale Road to turn into Lowther Road so fast that it missed the corner, crashing into the house opposite us!

“Meanwhile, the young school children are like a group of little sheep – if one goes they all go and if something comes they all rush back onto the pavement.

“We’ve also put protective boulders and rocks at the front edge of our garden near our path.”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokeswoman, said: “An order has been placed with our contractor to undertake the necessary works, but we are chasing for a confirmed date.”