‘Faded High Street South lines could cause fatal Dunstable accident’

The faded road markings. Credit: Google Street View.
The faded road markings. Credit: Google Street View.

A concerned Dunstable pensioner is worried that faded white lines on the A5183 could “one day cause a fatal accident”.

The resident, who is in her 70s, claims that turning right from the A5183, High Street South, into Periwinkle Lane is dangerous because the middle road markings where cars position themselves to make the turn are “faint”.

The resident claimed: “It’s dangerous and one of these days someone is going to get killed.

“The lines are so faint and there is traffic coming in from St Albans - lorries are really scary, as they come thundering towards me and don’t see the lines as I’m about to position myself in the marked area for right turns.

“I tend to have all my lights on in the car and if anyone comes near I blast them with my horn!

“I live near the area and drive there regularly, but having to position myself in the middle of the road to turn right is becoming a problem!”

The resident claimed that she has been worried for months, and that she called Central Bedfordshire Council in August and September.

She alleged: “I get told it’s all in hand and they will be going out to paint the lines, but nothing gets done!

“Will it be this year? Will it be next year or will it be never?

“It’s frightening!”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokeswoman, said: “This road only became the council’s responsibility in May 2017 – previously it was the responsibility of Highways England.

“Now that we have been given responsibility for the road, our contractor has been asked to schedule this work in.”

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