Family fun day in Dunstable turns into trip to A&E

Terri Williams with her son Kodi
Terri Williams with her son Kodi

A mum has spoken of her fury after her three-year-old son was injured while riding a model steam engine at a summer fete.

Mum-of-two Terri Williams attended The Big Lunch at Downside Community Centre with her family on Sunday, June 7, in an event organised by Woodfield Green Residents Association.

Kodi's injury

Kodi's injury

With a host of family activities, including a model steam engine, it seemed the perfect day out for Terri and her children, Kodi, 3, and Jayla-Dee, 2.

Terri said: “The kids were on the model train, and when they got off Kodi was in floods of tears.

“He said something very hot had blown out of the train and burnt him. My son said he pulled something out of his hair.”

Terri was horrified to find the burn mark on her son’s scalp.

She immediately took Kodi to Luton & Dunstable Hospital where they spentfour hours in the A&E department as doctors checked on the burn.

Terri said there were even fears the hair might not grow back over the wound.

She added: “I am angry now because someone must have known about it.

“At first I thought, ‘accidents happen’ but later I found two other people who were burned on the ride.

“There was a girl who contacted me, who burned her leg while on the train. And another little boy had a burn on his neck, although it wasn’t as severe as Kodi’s.

“My two-year-old was in front of Kodi on the train. Whatever it was could have landed on their faces.”

Terri has approached the event’s organisers – Woodfield Green Residents Association – for an answer to her complaint.

She has been told to wait until their chairman returns from holiday this week before it can proceed.

The model train was provided by The North London Society of Model Engineers (NLSME).

So far, NLSME have apparently not replied to Terri directly and she is hoping to get through to them via the residents association.

NLSME were contacted by the Gazette, but failed to respond before we went to press.

Downside Community Centre confirmed they facilitated the event on behalf of the residents association, but were unaware of injuries.