Family’s plea to give Tania more time

Tania. Photo from G3OdPez2DANjGK3Rt4Xh
Tania. Photo from G3OdPez2DANjGK3Rt4Xh

A family from Dunstable are raising money in the hope to find alternative treatments for their terminally ill mum.

Bradley Scott, 26, and his siblings Corey, Cara, Chelsea and Callum are also hoping to raise money to help their mum, Tania Scott, to complete some of the things on her Living Life list.

Tania and her family. Photo from

Tania and her family. Photo from

Tania, who spent many years caring for children as a foster carer and a child minder, first found out she had cancer in August 2016.

Doctors discovered that she had cancer on her left ureter, part of her kidney and she had a nephroureterectomy, the removal of her kidney and ureter. During recovery from the operation she was informed by her oncologist that she had transitional cell carcinoma of the ureter, a rare form of cancer, which had started to spread.

She started chemotherapy but became unwell and was unable to complete the treatment. As the chemotherapy did not work she had to have 25 sessions of radiotherapy every day for five weeks.

Posting on the family’s fundraising page, Bradley wrote: “We can honestly say 2017 was so far, the toughest year of our lives. This single handedly, has been the most challenging period of time for our mum and everyone around her.

“She’s been in constant pain with multiple hospital admissions – and from our perspective it’s always been so difficult that no matter how many cups of tea we make, or boots we take off, we have never been able to have any element of control over the pain she’s been experiencing.”

The cancer has now spread to her para-aortic lymph node and then to the psoas muscle, meaning it had become a Grade 4. This had been the cause of her chronic pain meaning often she had to get around in a wheelchair.

Bradley said: “We are of the understanding that there may be some immunotherapy available. Immunotherapy however, is expensive and has a strict criteria.

“As well as the immunotherapy which costs thousands, she has been looking at cancer diet and also there are some holistic treatments that she wants to explore. Immunotherapy and alternative treatments will sadly not cure our mum’s disease – but will help to prolong how long she has left, in the hope to give us time to make as many more precious memories as we possibly can.

“Despite this we have all managed to keep our spirits up, especially our mum and we have created some amazing memories along the way.

“One of these being a weekend away in Margate-On-Sea where we spent the entire time pretending to roll mum off a cliff, leaving her in the middle of the beach – and sometimes getting her to do wheelies, she found the funny side too – don’t worry!

“It feels that whenever we start to relax and enjoy our family time and try to remain hopeful that she will get better, another bombshell hits.”

In December, Tania found out the cancer is incurable. She was recently admitted to Keech Hospice where they are attempting to find the right balance of medication to stop the pain whilst she can attempt to live the rest of the life she has.

On the Just Giving page, Bradley said: “We’re struggling to understand how through all of this, our Mum has been the emotional anchor which has kept us all together fighting strong.

“Since we were young, all the four of us have known is a house full of foster brothers and sisters.

“As well as this, she took on the role of a child minder meaning some days there were as many as thirteen children in our house. Despite the chaos, it was always filled with fun and laughter.

“In 2005, Chelsea was fostered with her brothers and they became an integral part of our family. Chelsea remained living with us on and off and is seen by us all as our sister. Mum will always tell people, when asked, that she has five children as she classes Chelsea as her own.”

Tania’s son Callum recently had a son, Ray, who is her first grandchild. The family want to create as many special memories with their mum as possible.

Bradley added: “Mum has made a Living Life list because she didn’t like the term bucket list, so there is a whole list of random things on there, like travelling to see some of her family in America and also she wants to milk a cow, it is very random but it is things that she wants to do.

“The money raised will towards helping her do the things on her list and making memories with all of us.

“We have no idea how little or how long our beautiful mum can fight this battle and we all will be forever grateful for any donations you are willing to make.

“I hope you can all find it within your hearts to dig deep and help us raise as much money as possible to give our mum the best quality of life.”

The family are organising a fitness event on Sunday, March 4, at Boxfit, Katherine Drive, in Dunstable, where people can go down and complete fitness circuits and pay a donation on the door and there will be a Gala Night in the summer.

The fundraising page has already raised £12,418, to make a donation visit