Gadget to take the ‘poo’ out of walkies

The Pooball
The Pooball

A former Luton Halyard pupil has designed a gadget guaranteed to take the ‘poo’ out of walkies.

Jan Bardill, 49, and her business partner Steve Thorneloe, 56, have come up with the Pooball, a spherical container, 100mm in diameter, made of easy-to-clean antibacterial polymer.

The two halves click together and lock securely in place. The Pooball comes with a sturdy pouch cover and can be attached to a dog lead.

Jan said the creation came out of necessity: “We were sick of walking our dogs and finding the few bins we spotted full to overflowing.

“It’s taken nearly three years, several prototypes and many meetings, but finally we’ve cracked it.”
She is also immensely proud of the fact that their unique product is entirely British – a patented design, manufactured and marketed in the UK.

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