‘Get rid of mice for my children’s health’ pleads Kensworth mum

Mouse droppings
Mouse droppings

A Kensworth mother claims she is at her wits end, as she alleges the council have let a “mouse infestation” in her flat become out of control.

Tasmyn Elkington, 26, of Plewes Close, claims she has seen mice in her council flat for the last six months, with the rodents first living in the loft before chewing their way into the family’s living areas.

The mother-of-two says the mice have chewed through the ceilings, walls, carpets, and behind kitchen units and bathroom pipe boxing, leaving her one-year-old daughter and six-year-old son “vulnerable”.

Tasmyn claimed: “My flat is covered in urine and faeces.

“My daughter has just turned one and obviously because of her age has a vulnerable immune system.

“She became very ill and on October 24 and I was advised to make an emergency appointment. The doctors said staying in the property would be detrimental to our health.

“Since then pest control have been to the property and have advised lots of work that needs to be carried out.

“But the council say they will not clean or replace carpets or finish the work they started to make the property secure. The most they will do is take the carpet out.”

Tasmyn claims the council intially put poision in the loft but the problem got worse.

The mother says her family were recently placed in a hotel (the stay lasting until the end of this week) and are now on a housing register to bid for properties.

She alleged: “Maintenance men filling huge holes with expanding foam has caused a pipe to leak under the flat bath and has caused water to go through the floor and run down into the flat below.”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokesman said: “We are aware of the issues with the property and are working closely to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.”