‘Gypsy Factor’ coming to Dunstable


Hundreds of members of the traveller community will come to Dunstable this Saturday to watch a singing competition.

Gypsy Factor is heading to Dunstable Conference Centre for a glamorous, talent-fuelled event on Saturday, November 26.

The starry show will give 21 youngsters from across the UK travelling community the chance of winning the title.

It is to be presented by Celebrity Big Brother winner Paddy Doherty, star of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

Organiser Tommy Turner said on Facebook: “The Gypsy Factor winner will not only receive the accolade of being the best traveller singer in the UK, but they will have two days in a professional recording studio in London to put the songs of their choice on to CD.”

Organisers are understood to be helping guests book hotels in the area. HQ Sports Bar will be running a bar at the event, with manager Darren Jones serving as one of the judges.

Dunstable Conference Centre was contacted by the Gazette but failed to respond before we went to press.