Harlington students jazz up their weekend

Harlington jazz students enjoy an impromptu workshop
Harlington jazz students enjoy an impromptu workshop
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Harlington music students had an impromptu Sunday jazz workshop with a group of internationally-acclaimed musicians, including award-winning Nikki Iles, Royal Academy of Music’s head of jazz Nick Smart and Tim Giles.

The event was organised by Bedfordshire Music Trust in partnership with Inspiring Music and the school.

The aspiring young instrumentalists and vocalist received expert guidance and were taught various techniques such as the use of a lead tune as a starting point groove.

At the end of the workshop they performed three jazz standards – A Warm Rocky Place, Layte and Soul-Leo.

Six of them then joined Nick Smart and the Nikki Iles Jazz Quartet in a concert at Toddington Town Hall.

Inspiring Music spokeswoman Rebecca Day said: “It was a wonderful showcase of musicians from the Central Bedfordshire area.”