‘Double boob’ with out-of-date vitamins

Dunstable mum Joanna Kent with a box of Bassetts Soft & Chewey  Daily Energiser tablets
Dunstable mum Joanna Kent with a box of Bassetts Soft & Chewey Daily Energiser tablets

A Dunstable mum has slated Morrisons in Houghton Regis as “appalling” after the supermarket had out-of-date vitamins on its shelves two weeks running.

Last month self-employed beauty therapist Joanna Kent, 39, of Campion Close, bought six packets of Bassetts Soft & Chewy Daily Energiser with vitamins B, C and E for her mum, who’d been poorly.

Dunstable mum Joanna Kent outside Morrisons supermarket

Dunstable mum Joanna Kent outside Morrisons supermarket

She said: “When I took them round, Mum joked she hoped they were OK because she’d recently read an article in the Dunstable Gazette about expired drugs.

“When I checked, one packet was date-stamped March 2013 and the others October 2013.”

Joanna took them back and spoke to manager Paul Dyer. He said he’d get back to her after checking their nine-month stock rotation system as he wasn’t sure whether the fault lay with Morrisons or their suppliers.

He later phoned Joanna to say he’d have to investigate further.
She returned to the store a week later, on January 16, and was horrified to find three packets dated October 2013 still on sale.

She said: “Mr Dyer wasn’t there, but I spoke to another manager called Steven who was aware of what had happened before. He said there was no excuse, the packets should have been ripped and removed.

“I’m appalled that a company such as Morrisons should make such a huge boob not once, but twice – especially when I’d already highlighted the fact there was a problem.

“I also feel my complaint was handled very unprofessionally. They’re a big company and yet they don’t seem to have a clue what they’re doing.”

Joanna is also concerned about the effect the tablets could have had on her mother, as well as other customers who had inadvertently bought them.

A Morrisons spokesman said: “We want to thank Ms Kent sincerely for bringing this to our attention.

“The stock was originally removed and placed in our warehouse, but was then accidentally put back out on shelf. We can confirm that all out-of-date stock of this product has now been destroyed.

“Should anyone have any questions about this product, please don’t hesitate to approach a colleague in our Houghton Regis store.”

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