Endurance charity challenges in memory of their grandad

Kris and Leon
Kris and Leon

Two cousins will be putting their training kits on for a series of endurance challenges and obstacles to raise money for the Cardiology department at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

Kris Orr, 29, of Westhill, and Leon Brightman, 29, of Westbury, Buckingham, have organised the fundraiser in memory of their grandad, Derrick Orr.

They will be taking on three separate endurance challenges with three other friends on Saturday, June 6, and Sunday, June 7.

Leon said: “The challenge has definitely got harder from what we were originally going to do, but the thought is the harder we make it, the more we could potentially raise.

“We hope we can reach our target for such a worthy cause.”

The team are hoping to raise £2,800 for the Cardiology department so they can add an additional four cardiac monitors, which cost £700 each.

Former Queensbury Academy pupil Kris said: “We feel the challenges are a great opportunity to mark our Grandad’s 10th anniversary since his passing in 2005 and to dedicate this event in memory of him. Our Grandad was treated at the hospital on many different occasions and it seemed fitting that we raised the money for the Cardiology department so they can continue to provide an excellent service to their patients just like our Grandad received.”

Their grandad passed away at the age of 73, after he had a heart attack in August 2005.

Leon said: “My grandad always had a smile on his face and was very active and thought the world of all his grandchildren.

“If he wasn’t messing around and playing with us, he was working or helping someone out.

“He would always take us on long walks to Ashridge Estate and Dunstable Downs to see the gliders.”

Kris added: “Leon and I have been putting in a plenty of training with the rest of the group, which we are hoping pays off.

“Me and Leon are both 30 next month and it is also a little challenge to ourselves to prove we’ve still got it!”

To sponsor Leon and Kris, visit: www.justgiving.com/Leon-Kris