Heartbreak for Houghton Regis family as chihuahua goes missing

Chihuahua Beau
Chihuahua Beau

A mum of five broken-hearted little girls is appealing for the public’s help to find their missing chihuahua, believed to been stolen from their garden.

Carina Perkins, 30, left the family’s 15-month-old cream and white chihuahua Beau in the garden of her home in Leaf Road, Houghton Regis, with another dog on August 18.

She said: “I put her in the garden and ten minutes later my older dog started barking and came in by herself without Beau.

“I went outside and there was a hole cut in the garden fence. I thought maybe Beau had escaped, but all the kids and neighbours around here know her and not one had seen her.”

Ms Perkins is now desperate to get the dog back for the sake of her daughters, aged between nine and one.

She said: “They are heartbroken. My eldest daughter really wanted a chihuahua and we saved up for months and months to buy this dog.

“They just kept crying, but I can’t say to them that she’s definitely coming home. I’ve contacted all the kennels and she’s all over Facebook.”

Ms Perkins’ Facebook group, Help Find Beau, already has over 500 members and the story of missing Beau has also been featured on the website Dog Lost.

Police have also been contacted about the missing dog, but according to Ms Perkins are unable to investigate without evidence that the dog was stolen.

Anyone with information on Beau’s whereabouts is asked to contact Carina on 07539 501223.