Hero secretary saved golfer’s life at Dunstable Downs

Paul and Amanda
Paul and Amanda

A Dunstable Downs golfer is praising the club’s assistant secretary and ‘Guardian Angel’ who saved his life when he suffered a cardiac arrest one year ago.

Paul Green, 69, of Luton, was playing a game at Dunstable Downs Golf Club last July, when he began to feel very ill, and was taken to the club’s office to cool down.

Paul and Amanda

Paul and Amanda

However, assistant secretary, Amanda Perry, and her manager had to act fast, because while they were on the phone to an NHS call handler, Paul said he felt sick and went into cardiac arrest.

Thanks to Amanda’s St John Ambulance training she used the golf club’s defibrillator, which recommended Paul be given a shock, before she gave CPR and and eventually got a pulse.

Paul said: “I really do think I have a Guardian Angel, as everything just fell into place on the day I had my cardiac arrest. I am so grateful to Amanda because if it had not been for her I would not be here today.

“Her life saving skills have caused a real stir at the club and she is constantly being thanked by me and my friends here for her actions on the day.”

When paramedics arrived, they instructed Amanda to keep giving CPR and Paul was taken to Harefield Hospital via the Herts and Essex Air Ambulance.

Thankfully, Paul has now made a full recovery and is back at the club playing golf three times a week.

Amanda said: “Like many first aiders, I found the incident very traumatic and had trouble sleeping for quite a few days afterwards.

“However, as people often say, when I needed to use my first aid, the skills and techniques were in my memory. “I’d recommend that everyone learns how to save a life. It’s so important and you never know when you might need to use the knowledge!”

St John Ambulance is actively seeking volunteer first aiders and youth leaders at its Luton and Dunstable units.

No previous experience is necessary. Please contact area manager, Matt Stevens: matt.stevens@sja.org.uk