Hero stops devastating crash on Luton-Dunstable Busway

The scene of the collision on Saturday night
The scene of the collision on Saturday night

A man has described the moment he flagged down an oncoming bus to avoid what would have been a devastating collision on the Luton-Dunstable Busway.

A driver and two passengers were left badly injured after a bus derailed shortly after it had travelled over the Skimpot Road bridge at 10.20pm on Saturday night.

The scene of the collision on Saturday night

The scene of the collision on Saturday night

The impact of the collision threw the driver of the bus through his cab window, leaving the vehicle out of control and on the wrong side of the track.

Disaster was only averted after Glenn Knight, 22, joined other passengers jumping out of the moving vehicle before putting his life on the line by running into the path of an oncoming bus to flag down its driver.

He then darted back to the stricken vehicle he had been on to apply the handbrake.

Mr Knight, of Hillcroft, Dunstable, told the Gazette: “Once the driver went out of the window the bus was completely out of control, it just kept rolling.

“We all got out of the emergency door and I could see a bus coming round the corner towards us.

“At the time I was still wearing my hi-vis jacket from work so I ran in front of the bus, it was such a panic.

“After the driver stopped I got back on the other bus and yanked the handbrake down.

“It took me a while to find where the engine cutoff was because all of the electrics had been knocked out.”

Mr Knight added that it was only much later that the gravity of the situation hit him.

He said: “It could have been completely different situation, even though it was bad enough I’m thankful it happened the way it did.”

Fellow passenger Alan Sibley, who sustained head injuries and had to have stitches to his shin, has said that feels ‘lucky to still be alive’ after the crash.

The busway was partially closed on Sunday and Monday, but was fully reopened to the public yesterday.

The cause of the collision remains under investigation by both Arriva and Luton Borough Council.

Following the incident residents living close to the busway have told the Gazette of their fears over the track’s safety..

One Kiln Way homeowner, said: “I have voiced my concerns from day one, the track is so close to our properties.

“I would like to know what Luton Borough Council will do to asssure residents it is still safe here, and that if it happens again the bus would not roll down the hill towards us.

“We need to be safeguarded, does it take someone to die for something to happen?

“It is soul destroying”.

He added: “When I first purchased the property I looked at the busway as a positive, due to the good transport links it brings.

“But I am not happy with the speed buses travel down there, I am being woken up at 6am every morning.”