Hiking Scafell Pike for charity

Hike Pike are raising money for Child.org
Hike Pike are raising money for Child.org

A group of hikers will be taking on the challenge of climbing the highest mountain in England to raise money for Child.org.

The 13-strong group, which includes four members form Dunstable and one Australian, will be hiking Scafell Pike to raise money for the charity that believes in equal opportunities for children across the world.

Team leader Shelley Calvert, 27, of Dunstable, said: “I volunteered as a teacher in South Africa and it changed everything for me.

“I have organised this challenge as part of Charity Apprentice, a year-long course delivered by child.org which gives future professionals valuable experience of the charity sector.

“The course features expert advice and content from across many large UK charities, and apprentices have the option to visit sub-Saharan Africa to learn first-hand about the projects their fundraising challenges support.

“When I came home I wanted to do more to help others, more teaching and charity work.”

Shelley got the group together and they will be taking on the challenge on Saturday, May 21.

She said: “I have been excited about the challenge, but now I have started planning the route I am a bit nervous, we will be taking the longest route and it will probably take between seven and ten hours, i think it will be an amazing experience.

“I am more nervous about looking after the rest of the team, as team leader I will be encouraging them all and hoping we all make it to the top.

“We are hoping to raise thousands for the charity and raise awareness of what it does for many children.

“Child.org find out what is preventing children from an education, good health and a safe, protected environment, they they do whatever the evidence suggests is the most effective way to change the situation.

“They also provide all the things a child needs, food, health services, water, support and a safe place to be.”

Del Sanders, Anna Woods, Alan O’Donoghue and Chantelle Jones, of Dunstable, will be joining Shelley on the hike.

Benjamin Castle, Oliver Flippence, Cheryl Rocker, Yanika Waters, Heather Dinneen, Ian Liddle, Sian McDermott and Megan Graham are the other members of Hike Pike.

The group, who are in their 20’s and 30’s, are hoping to raise £2000, to make a donation, visit: http://child.org/me/team/hike-pike.