Ho-no! Can you help market traders find Santa suit?

Jo on the Queen's birthday market that the Dunstable traders helped to  arrange
Jo on the Queen's birthday market that the Dunstable traders helped to arrange

Kind-hearted Dunstable market traders are in desperate need of a Santa suit to open a special Christmas grotto.

Jo Wright, 50, and her husband Taz, 47, are looking for a 4XL Santa suit for Taz to wear on Saturday, December 17, in Dunstable market.

The traders have been given a pop up by Dunstable Town Council and are hoping to treat good boys and girls to treats from Father Christmas, aiming to help parents who are struggling to save this festive season.

Jo said: “My husband will be doing the dressing up and he’s a big bloke! He’s got the boots, now he just needs the rest of the outfit - a hat and beard would be great, too.”

If anyone is selling a Father Christmas outfit rather than donating, Jo says she would be willing to pay about £30 for the suit, the average price on Amazon.

They are also looking for generous businesses to donate some sweets for Santa’s grotto, as they are hoping to run a free event, giving all children the opportunity to see Saint Nick.

Jo said: “We wanted to steer clear of gendered toys (gifts of either blue or pink) and we decided that sweets would be a good idea - we don’t know if there will be more girls or boys turning up.”

Jo and the other market traders will be working hard to decorate the pop up, whilst Taz will be practising his ‘ho, ho, hos!’

Jo said: “Taz will make a great Father Christmas - he loves the ‘grandkids’! When Taz walks in the room the grandchildren don’t want to know me - no chance.”

Jo has two children, Sarah 28, and Martin, 26, and five grandchildren: Charlotte, six, Alexis, three, Alfie, nearly one, Jacob, four and Leo, ten months.

The couple run ‘Jo and Taz Markets’, Jo on Wednesdays and with Taz on Saturdays.

You can visit Santa at Dunstable market on November 17 near Wilkos car park from 9am - 3pm.

To donate or offer a suit, call Jo on: 07412393876.