‘Houghton Regis’s Bidwell Hill is an obstacle course’

Bidwell Hill. Credit: Google Street View.
Bidwell Hill. Credit: Google Street View.

A disgruntled Houghton Regis resident is fed up with an “obstacle course” road and is calling on Central Bedfordshire Council to paint more yellow lines to stop “excessive” numbers of parked cars.

The Gazette reader, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that the number of cars parked at the roadside on Bidwell Hill make it very difficult to drive down the road.

The street already has double yellow lines situated on its left hand corner, as drivers turn into Bedford Road (B5120) and double yellow lines extending down to the first garage on the right hand side of the street.

However, the motorist claims there needs to be more yellow lines, alleging: “There are parked cars on both sides of the road and you can hardly get through.

“It has been like this for months, it’s always like this!

“If you turn into the road from Bedford Road, there are always cars parked on the right hand corner in the way of people turning in and out.

“Then, further up, people double park and Bidwell Hill is like an obstacle course.”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokeswoman, said: “We would be happy to meet with this resident on a site visit to talk through their concerns and discuss options. Putting in double yellow lines requires a consultation.

“However, depending on the resident’s location, there are potentially other options on this road.

“The road has existing dropped kerbs, so we could consider painting H-bars to stop motorists parking between them. This is when an ‘H’ is placed across the width of a driveway. It is used to remind drivers that it is illegal to park in front of dropped kerb driveways.

“Cars obstructing H-bars can be issued with parking tickets, so they can deter cars from parking.”