is driving us 
to distraction’

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Residents are calling for Central Bedfordshire Council to take action and stop the constant humming noise they have been hearing since May.

They first complained about the noise, from the Woodside Estate, that can be heard during the day and night, four months ago and were told by the council that Aryzta Bakeries, of Humphrys Road, was working on a resolution for the problem.

A silencer was fitted on Monday, August 22, to reduce the noise, but residents have contacted the Gazette complaining that the noise is still there, and just as loud.

David Soderberg, of Stubbs Close, Houghton Regis, said: “It started about three or four months ago, it is like an intermittent throb all the time,

“The silencer failed to work. I think they should issue an injunction to close it down until they find a solution.”

Debbie Gardiner, of Goldstone Crescent, first noticed the noise in May, she has written to the council again to complain about the noise.

She said: “Monday 22nd August was the date we had been eagerly anticipating, it’s been and gone and there is absolutely no difference. The pulsating humming noise is driving my husband and I mad.

“The council has a duty of care and should be taking whatever action they need to to prevent Aryzta Bakeries from using the noisy equipment and if it means closing the operation down then that is what they have to do.”

Carol Chamberlain, of Hadrian Avenue, first complained about the noise in May, the council investigated it at the time and discovered it was coming from Aryzta Bakeries.

She said: “I am fed up of the noise, the silencer has not worked. The council are still dealing with it.

“It’s on and off at the moment so not sure what the next plan is.”

Central Bedfordshire Council is working with Aryzta Bakeries to resolve the problem.

A spokesperson for the council said: “We have received confirmation and photographs from Aryzta that the silencer has been fitted.

“Unfortunately this does not appear to have eased the issue, therefore further investigations will need to be carried out.

“The investigation will begin within the next week.”

A spokesperson for Aryzta Bakeries said: “Aryzta is aware of the concerns of local residents regarding the noise generated by our Dunstable plant and we continue to cooperate fully with the local council and local environment agency.

“Having engaged industry experts modifications were made to the factory on 22nd August.

“We have assessed the impact of those works and have now commissioned more comprehensive modifications which will fully resolve the problem.”