‘I was fined for nursing my baby in Marriott Hotel car park’ claims Houghton Regis mum

Rosemary and her baby daughter, Katherine.
Rosemary and her baby daughter, Katherine.

A Houghton Regis mother fought a long battle to have her parking fine cancelled, after she claimed she was charged for nursing her baby.

Rosemary Stace, 35, was heading to the south east coast on August 29 when she drove into the Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel car park, as her baby daughter Katherine had been crying for hours, and she wished to nurse her to sleep.

However, the mum claims that as she was driving out of the car park she noticed a Pay and Display sign, deciding to contact the hotel and pay for the parking when she arrived at her relatives’ house, not wanting to get out the car and disturb Katherine again.

On arrival, she called the hotel, who advised that she speak to car park operators, ParkingEye, but when she did, offering to pay, the mum was issued with a £100 fine.

Rosemary claims: “I stopped for less than half an hour. I was having a really difficult drive with three children on my own; the traffic was so slow that my baby would start crying again even before I reached the main road after every time we had stopped!”

In October, Rosemary received an email from the hotel, saying they had asked ParkingEye to cancel the fine.

Rosemary then received a letter from ParkingEye saying that they would reduce the charge to £60, so she approached the Gazette for help.

The Gazette contacted ParkingEye, who confirmed that the fine has now been cancelled. The Marriott Hotel also confirmed the news.

Rosemary said: “I just don’t want people to think that I ever dodge paying for parking!”