‘I was kicked to floor in Dunstable’s Grove Park - when will there be justice?’

A Dunstable pensioner who claims he was attacked by two young teenagers is questioning why police investigations have taken so long.

Clive Hawkins, 68, says he was walking through Grove Park at around midday on August 8 when he was attacked by two boys and suffered a broken collarbone.

Units at Dunstable's Grove Park. Credit: Joanna Cross.

Units at Dunstable's Grove Park. Credit: Joanna Cross.

However, seven months on and still in pain, Mr Hawkins argues that he feels Bedfordshire Police is taking too long with its investigations and wants to know what is going on with his case.

Remembering the incident, he claimed: “I was walking through Grove Park when it just happened out of the blue. They called me names and the next minute I was down on the ground.

“They kicked me on the ground and broke my collarbone.

“I was in shock - you don’t expect that sort of thing. They looked around 12 years old.

“But it seems like the police haven’t done anything.”

Mr Hawkins says the police arrived on the scene and took him to Luton and Dunstable Hospital for treatment.

He added: “There was a lady from a nearby funeral place who came and helped me and some other people also came and helped me up. I would like to say thank you.

“I then spent a few months in Westlands Residential Home, Leighton Buzzard, to recover.

“It makes me really annoyed; I don’t expect to go out and just be attacked like that.

“I’d just like a reply from the police and some sort of action.”

A Bedfordshire Police spokeswoman told the Dunstable Gazette that as investigations are currently ongoing the force cannot comment at this point in time.

However, they advised that the the officer in charge will contact Mr Hawkins in due course.