Is your kerb appeal a gold standard?

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To recognise those businesses whose shop fronts contribute positively to the towncentre environment and to encourage others to think about kerb appeal, the Dunstable Joint Committee is inviting businesses to take part in the inaugural Dunstable Shop Front Accreditation Scheme.

Shop fronts will be judged on aspects such as cleanliness, maintenance, display and signage.

If they meet the minimum criteria they will be awarded Bronze accreditation with those exceeding the minimum having the potential to be awarded Silver or even Gold! 

Further details on the scheme, full breakdown of the criteria and the benefits of taking part is available on the Dunstable Town Council website:

Our volunteer Town Centre Champions are out there as I write, visiting businesses and promoting the scheme!

If you are a resident or visitor to Dunstable, you too can take part!

Please encourage your favourite local businesses to take part or if they are already a shining example of Pride in Dunstable, just contact Dunstable Town Council and let me know.

The appearance of our town centre is something we can all impact positively on by working together. Making small changes can make all the difference!

The closing date for applications is Wednesday 23 March 2016.

Judging will be in July 2016.