It's hallelujah for the repairs

There's rejoicing at Sandy Baptist Church after a talented local craftsman repaired 200 breaks in six of the beautiful upper stained glass windows damaged by vandals.

Tuesday, 9th August 2016, 4:12 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th August 2016, 5:15 pm
The glorious stained glass windows at Sandy Baptist Church after their repair by a local craftsman

Rev Beth Powney enthused: “Let the sun shine in - the windows look amazing and have now been protected by polycarbonate so that further damage cannot occur.”

She said she understood youngsters used to be able to get on to the library roof from where they threw small rocks and stones at the windows. Many were found inside the church as evidence of this behaviour. The weather also took its toll.

The work was completed through a fundraising campaign and support from Mayor Susan Sutton, as well as a generous gift.

Rev Powney added: “Kevin Munday of Aquarius Stained Glass in Tempsford has done an amazing job on the windows, installed when the church was built in 1887.”