Lorry drivers fined for breaching weight limit ban in Dunstable

Lorry drivers fined in Dunstable
Lorry drivers fined in Dunstable

Sixteen more lorry drivers have been fined for not obeying the local weight limits in Dunstable.

The drivers were caught during an enforcement day on Friday, May 11, when Highway Officers and Trading Standard Officers from Central Bedfordshire Council teamed up with the police to enforce the heavy goods vehicle (HGV) restrictions in Dunstable and the surrounding areas.

Lorry drivers fined in Dunstable

Lorry drivers fined in Dunstable

This is the second time the council has run this type of operation since the final road signage about the weight restrictions in the area was installed in January 2018.

Teams set up an enforcement operation at High Street North and Chapel Street, in Dunstable, Kensworth and on the B5120 in Houghton Regis.

Both Kensworth and Houghton Regis were uneventful, with no enforcement action necessary.

There were a number of HGV drivers who were spoken to who were delivering to local companies, as is allowed.

Lorry drivers fined in Dunstable

Lorry drivers fined in Dunstable

At other locations the enforcement team issued 16 Fixed Penalty Notices and gave five verbal warnings to HGV drivers.

During the previous enforcement day, the team issued 24 Fixed Penalty Notices and gave 13 verbal warnings.

Councillor Nigel Young, executive Member for Regeneration, said: “Friday was a very productive day and demonstrates that we take the weight limit ban extremely seriously.

“We are aware that local people have been frustrated that there are still a number of HGVs coming through the town centre.

“Positively, we are now experiencing better levels of compliance with the weight limits, with a reduction since the last day of action of those HGVs that shouldn’t be using the road.

“We will continue to work with the police to prosecute HGV drivers who ignore these weight limit restrictions and will focus on hot-spot areas.

“We expect to see even better levels of compliance in the future, now that drivers and businesses know we are actively enforcing it.”

Residents who see any HGVs in a restricted area can report them to the council at hgv@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk, please include the time, date and any photos of a possible breach.