Losing 16 stone transformed Dunstable mum’s life

Three stages of Sharon's transfromation
Three stages of Sharon's transfromation

A woman from Dunstable has turned her life around after losing a whopping 16 stone in a two-year battle to get fit again.

Mum-of-three Sharon Wells was recommended by her GP to attend the Slimming World group at The Salvation Army building on Bullpond Lane after becoming determined to lose weight.

And for Sharon, who now swims and goes to the gym regularly, her hard work paid off when she reached her goal of losing 16 stone and three pounds a week before Christmas.

Asked what inspired her to make the change, 45-year-old Sharon said: “It happened after I lost my dad quite suddenly to cancer. It just made me realise how precious life is.

“I went with a friend to the Slimming World group and that was it. Once you’ve got your heart and mind set on something, you can do it.”

After enrolling in a 12-week programme in November 2014, Sharon made so much progress that she decided to continue with the group.

She took up swimming and light exercises in the first year and in the second she began regularly attending the gym.

Sharon said: “Reaching the goal felt amazing. Since then, everything has changed.

“Every day life is completely different to what it was, from walking the dog, to stepping downstairs, to being able to tie your own shoe laces.”

In spite of shifting the pounds, Sharon is still a regular attendee at Slimming World and has no plans to stray from her fitness regime.

Among the people congratulating Sharon is her Slimming World instructor Jackie Meakins.

Ms Meakins said: “I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I’ve never had anybody lose so much weight.

“She’s transformed her life and she’s doing things now that she never did before, like getting involved with her children’s school.”

Asked about her new goal, Sharon added: “It’s definitely to keep the weight off!”