Luton teen died in high speed bike crash

A teenager lost control of a motorcycle which then crashed leaving him with fatal injuries, an inquest has heard,

Friday, 14th October 2016, 11:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 7:11 pm

Brandon Arnold, known as Ajay, was riding the Suzuki motorcyle in front of friends on the pavements in Great Denham Road, Luton during the Easter holidays when he lost control.

The inquest heard he was travelling at around 68mph when the bike crashed into a lamp post, before veering into the railings of Whitefield Primary School.

Ajay, aged 15, was not wearing a crash helmet at the time and was riding a stolen bike, although the inquest at Ampthill yesterday heard that there was no evidence he had been involved in the theft nine months earlier.

In a witness statement read out in court, Francis O’Donnell said he had been walking to the shops on March 29 when he spotted Ajay.

“I saw a lad on a large motocycle, he seemed to be turning the bike round while driving. He was small and wearing dark coloured clothing.

“I heard the motorbike rev and then a heard a big bang and I realised he had crashed.”

Mr O’Donnell went to help but said it was clear Ajay, of Copenhagen Close in Luton, was seriously injured. He died the same day.

Ben Winwick, a delivery driver, was making a delivery to Great Denham Close.

He said: “As I got to the footpath a heard a motorcycle but didn’t hear the sound of braking,” he said in a statement.

“I saw it crash into the railings and I saw the boy lying on the floor.”

Mr Winwick, who called the emergency services, said: “My impression was he was too small to be riding a motorcycle.”

PC Jennifer Miller said investigations showed Ajay was travelling at around 68mph when he hit a lamp post and then deflected into the railings.

She said his use of cannabis may have contributed to the crash.

She also said there was an issue generally in Luton with motorbikes being ridden in park areas.

Ajay’s father, Aubrey Arnold, told the inquest his son had been keen on football, playing for Luton Town for a while before giving it up at the age of 13.

Assistant Bedfordshire coroner Ian Pears said he believed inexperience, a lack of training and impairment from cannabis were contributory factors into Ajay’s death.

Mr Pears recorded a verdict of death by road traffic incident.