Making the most of lost beech trees

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Last week, no longer able put off the spring spruce up for my garden, I decided walk around Dunstable’s Green Flag award winning Grove House Gardens for inspiration.

I got as far as the entrance near Dog Kennel Walk on my ramble, when something had me stumped!

In place of what once were two mature Beech trees, was nothing but a couple of old trunks!!

Not being much of a horticulturist, I went to consult my colleagues and thought I would share my findings with you.

The beech trees had been suffering from brittlewood disease, making them a potential danger to park users. The decision was therefore taken to fell the trees, which was done approximately 18 months ago.

Whilst it is a shame it was necessary to have them felled, the trunks have been left deliberately high to provide standing timber for insects to colonise as habitat and increase the bio diversity in the gardens.

The Council is investigating the possibility of having one of the trunks carved by a chainsaw artist to create a sculptural feature. If you have any thoughts about what form this sculpture could take, please get in touch. Similarly, if you come across something that stumps you, let me know and I will investigate!

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