Man found in burning Kensworth home died of natural causes

The scene at Kensworth
The scene at Kensworth

A man found dead at a burning house in Kensworth had already collapsed after slipping into a diabetic coma, an inquest heard.

63-year-old Adrian Gall was found by firefighters lying on his living room floor at Ridgeway on the morning of February 29.

A paramedic attending the scene pronounced him dead at 8.25am.

At last Thursday’s inquest at Ampthill, assistant coroner Ian Pears read a report from Mr Gall’s postmortem - which revealed he suffered from type 1 diabetes, anaemia and suspected autism.

“The burns were likely to have occurred during an unconscious or deceased state,” read the report.

A cause of death was found to be diabetes ketoacidosis – an emergency illness for type 1 diabetes sufferers.

The inquest heard that on January 28, Mr Gall’s sister Angela Elliott had contacted his GP with concerns about his mental health.

“What I really wanted for him was physical help,” said Ms Elliott at the inquest, who added that she and her mother had called emergency services after him “for years”.

“He could not understand he had a problem. By this time, to me, the GP was the responsible person for his care. That’s what I was asking for, physical help.”

Assistant coroner Ian Pears answered that the GP’s report stated a referral was made under The Mental Health Act to an approved medical practitioner.

“But that takes months,” said Ms Elliott.

A fire investigation judged the fire to have started from a radiator which ignited newspapers strewn across the floor.

Mr Pears concluded Mr Gall died of natural causes. He said: “He died from diabetic ketoacidosis which resulted in his collapse and death.

“The fire, therefore, being an unmanaged fire and clearly started in his unkempt living quarters, but that is an irrelevance.”