Man’s ear sliced off in Luton

Court News
Court News

A man’s ear was sliced off and a Luton mother faced the barrel of a gun in a series of events which police have linked to organised crime.

Two Romanian men have been remanded in custody following the incidents, which took place in Luton town centre on August 30.

At Luton Magistrates Court today, 54-year-old Gelu Creanga stood accused of slicing off the ear lobe of Lucian Carabageac, 21, as well as possession of a firearm.

In turn, the younger man faces a charge of possession of a gun with intent to cause fear or violence.

Both men were remanded ahead of an appearance at Luton Crown Court on October 2.

The court was told that the younger man, Mr Carabageac, had only been in the country for two months at the time of the incident.

He began frequenting a Romanian convenience store owned by Mr Creanga.

It is alleged that on the evening of Wednesday, October 30, Mr Creanga invited the young man and another young friend to dinner at a restaurant where it is alleged an unloaded gun was produced.

Appearing in court with a bandage over his ear, Mr Carabageac alleges that the older man sliced off his ear lobe following a disagreement.

After taking the unloaded gun to his temporary home, Mr Carabageac is said to have startled the landlady. She allegedly had no idea he was living there as he was subletting from another tenant.

The woman ushered her children away and went up to the bedroom where Mr Carabageac had fled. It is claimed that after she opened the door, she found Mr Carabageac lying on the bed with the gun pointed towards her.

Both men will appear at Luton Crown Court on October 2.