Marjorie is all smiles for 105th birthday

Marjorie and her cake . She also likes to cook and can make an excellent Sunday roast with mint sauce.
Marjorie and her cake . She also likes to cook and can make an excellent Sunday roast with mint sauce.

A Dunstable lady has reached an incredible milestone, celebrating her 105th birthday.

Marjorie Tingey, of Southwood Road, turned 105 on March 23, celebrating with her family and enjoying a huge rose-decorated cake.

Marjorie has been joined by family and friends in The Day Centre, Houghton Regis, while she hopes to receive a card from the Queen.

Son, Trevor French, 75, said: “I think she’s looking better now than she did at 100! My mother is very cheerful and looks on the bright side of life - her secret is eating raw onions.

“The lady in the balloon shop had never been asked for a 105 balloon before !”

Marjorie was born in Lambeth, London, marrying Trevor’s father, Jim, in 1936.

In the late 1940s, the couple moved to West Street, Dunstable, running an off licence, before moving to Watford to run one there.

In the late 50s, they moved back to Dunstable, Marjorie working at the old Empire Rubber Company, and Jim in AC Delco’s.

Trevor said: “When my mum was pregnant with me, she was evacuated to Somerset from London in 1941.

“Later, she enjoyed working in the off licence because of all the friends.”

Sadly, Jim passed away in late 1969, and Marjorie later married Horace Tingey who passed away in the early 80s. But Marjorie still has a large family.

Her son Trevor is married to Norah, 72, and the couple have a daughter, Alison, 47, and two grandchildren Ben, 14 and Lauren, 10. Trevor and Norah also had another daughter, Nicola, a florist, who passed away aged 23.

Marjorie’s other son, Keith, 69, has two sons, Graham, 45, and Ian 41, and is married to Barbara. Graham has a daughter, Katie, 13, whilst Ian has a daughter Chloe, six, and step daughter Caitlin, nine.

Alison said: “Every war story is told from the heart; my grandmother used to describe how frightening it was when bombs dropped close by and how lucky they were to escape injury!”