Mission to rehome five cats in Houghton Regis

Clockwise from top left: Binky, Mama, Tigger and Tinky
Clockwise from top left: Binky, Mama, Tigger and Tinky

A mission is on to rehome five moggies in Houghton Regis after the death of their cat-loving owner.

Daphne Smith adored felines and would take in needy animals from her neighbourhood.

Binky and Tinky love watching animal on TV

Binky and Tinky love watching animal on TV

Mrs Smith lived alone and her daughter Irene is only in the country for a few more weeks before she has to go back to her home in the United States.

Just one of the six cats has been rehomed and now that Mrs Smith’s funeral has taken place, the issue has become more urgent.

There have been no takers for the other five and Dunstable Gazette readers are being asked to consider taking them in.

Here are some descriptions and pictures of the cats.

MAMA (female): A very pretty, small, grey cat. Aged about nine years old, she was taken in from the winter cold after giving birth to four kittens. Two did not survive but Binky and Tinky did and remained with her in the household.

She is pretty independent but can be loving when she is in the mood and likes her head scratched. She likes to play with a toy laser and also with any toy she can carry around the house, she also loves “dreamie” treats. She has a second trill that adds to her original purr when she is particularly happy and her tail quivers.

BINKY (male): Son of Mama. He has thick grey fur with white legs. He is the assertive one of the two siblings and is very independent. He can be loving when in the mood and craves attention. Active and playful, he loves toys and especially the laser. Watches animals on television.

TINKY (male): Son of Mama. All grey with a missing piece of fur at the nape of his neck from a kitten injury. Tinky is a very mellow cat and skittish with strangers, he likes the peace and quiet. He takes a while to warm to new people but is loving and playful. He also loves the toy laser and likes to watch animals on television with his brother Binky.

SUZIE (female): Aged about five or six. Suzie is all black with soft, silky fur. She is very loving and enjoys being stroked while she gives “lovenips” but not bites. Very playful and sociable, she loves cat toys and chasing lasers.

TIGGER (female): Age unknown but Mrs Smith had her for about five years. Tigger is a long-haired brown and black tabby. She loves rubs and attention but is quite bossy so would be fine as an only cat, she also likes to be close to her owner so could potentially be a lap cat.

> Anyone interested in giving a home to one or more of the cats, please email editorial@lutonnews.co.uk.