‘Most Haunted is rubbish’ says Totternhoe ghost hunter

Andy Matthews
Andy Matthews

A ‘ghost hunter’ from Totternhoe continues his quest into the supernatural as the third series of his television programme began last week.

The Dunstable-born presenter of ‘Northern Ireland’s Great Haunts’ Andy Matthews – who has lived in Totternhoe for 14 years – has been fascinated by the paranormal since encountering sleep paralysis aged six.

Andy Matthews

Andy Matthews

We spoke to Andy about the new series. He said: “My aim with this series was to reveal to a TV audience how paranormal investigators really work having been spoon fed rubbish like Most Haunted.

“Nearly all TV ghost shows are faked entertainment. Greatest Haunts is not. What you see is what you get.

“The premise of the series is not to run around screaming in the dark, but to seek actual proof through experimentation, of the existence or non- existence of ghosts.”

Andy said that in the past he has noted ‘unusual’ electromagnetic readings at Priory Church and the Old Palace Lodge in Church Street.

He also told us about his most terrifying experiences. He said: “I suppose the most striking evidence has to be the voices. I had my name called by a ghostly child.

“This sends a shiver down the spine and you feel blessed for having packed a spare pair of shorts.”

Northern Ireland’s Great Haunts is on weekdays at 2.30pm on Really (Sky 248 and Freeview 17).

For the full interview with Andy, see www.dunstabletoday.co.uk.