‘New Dunstable zebra crossing is in wrong place’

The resident's photo of  a car mounting a pavement near the crossing - 'It's not a safe place to walk'.
The resident's photo of a car mounting a pavement near the crossing - 'It's not a safe place to walk'.

Dunstable residents claim the positioning of a new zebra crossing is dangerous.

The crossing has been placed on Icknield Street, close to the junction of Burr Street, but residents argue that visibility is poor and that it is on a blind bend.

The crossing when it was under construction.

The crossing when it was under construction.

They also claim that council proposals were poorly advertised.

One resident alleged: “I cannot emphasise enough that it has been situated in a dangerous position. No-one I ask thinks it should be here. There are so many cars parked on the side of the roads that you won’t be able to see anyone at the crossing.

“Cars pull out to try and overtake and a lollipop lady used to stand in that spot and was nearly hit three times.

“The general consensus is that it should be on Bullpond Lane to service Bennett’s Rec and the Splashpark - this is what the road improvement proposal said it was for. An adventure playground is also now proposed for this park which will further increase the footfall to cross in Bullpond Lane.

“It was also supposed to help Icknield Lower children and parents but the school isn’t near the crossing.”

They argued: “I have spoken to several people who live in Icknield Street, and with the exception of myself and two others, all other residents say they knew nothing about the crossing and say they didn’t receive a consultation letter.

“The meetings were also held during the daytime all the way over in Chicksands, which was impractical. It’s too far for residents to travel, especially if you are juggling a job and children.”

A Central Bedfordshire Council spokeswoman, said: “The changes were made in conjunction with the police, as a result of accidents over the past five years.

“We looked at possible changes to the roads in this area, which the residents, public and the school were consulted on last year. Following that consultation, a decision was made in public at our Traffic Management meeting last September to put a zebra crossing on Icknield Street.

“As a result of that feedback, we have made amendments to the local parking arrangements and we are also putting in a large speed hump. The zebra crossing should help pupils at Icknield Lower School.”