New technology that allows you to see your unborn baby's face

When I was given the opportunity to have a 3D scan of my unborn child at Humpty Bumpty baby scanning clinic in Milton Keynes, I must admit I was a little wary.

Wednesday, 4th January 2017, 2:01 pm
Updated Wednesday, 11th January 2017, 3:59 am
The incredible 3D scan showing the perfect features of baby Smith
The incredible 3D scan showing the perfect features of baby Smith

I’m always super nervous before the medical scans I’ve had during both my pregnancies and didn’t really know what to expect.

A 3D scan wasn’t something I’d even considered when I was expecting my eldest, Oscar, now almost three. But I like to take all opportunities with both hands, so thought I’d give it a go.

The clinic, in Old Wolverton, isn’t the easiest place to find, as the postcode in the sat nav doesn’t take you to the door. However, a quick call to the staff on reception gave us very easy to follow directions and we were soon at our destination.

Parents-to-be Laura and Sam Smith with their son Oscar

The whole experience was amazing.

The staff were welcoming and laid back, full of smiles and pleasantries. We completed the necessary waiver form before being led in to the scanning room, complete with huge sofa – as some clients bring up to 10 spectators! – and beautiful pictures of director Lucy Johnson’s four children, plus a toy corner for smaller guests.

We took our toddler with us and there was plenty to keep him occupied but he slept through the entire thing – only waking to catch a glimpse of his brother in a picture as we left. And what a picture we got!

The scan starts like any medical sonography hospital scan - 2D and in black and white. But after choosing where to focus the camera, the latest technology clicked in to show our unborn child in all his glory (yes, we are expecting another boy!)

Parents-to-be Laura and Sam Smith with their son Oscar

Our little monkey appears to be camera shy as he spent the majority of the scan with his feet hiding his face, but when he peeked out from underneath he took my breath away. The clarity of the on-screen picture is incredible, and being able to watch him move on the monitor only intensified the movement I could feel from the inside.

At one point he opened his eyes - a little unnerving I must admit – and also yawned, which was amazing to see.

Becoming a parent is completely life changing and for me, the maternal instinct kicked in from the moment I saw the positive line on the pregnancy test.

So I was a little protective when our sonographer gave the bump a good prod in order to encourage the baby to show his face closer to the end of the session.

To be fair, it did work – we saw every inch of his perfect little features.

Parenthood is often described as an emotional rollercoaster and I’d have to agree! But A 3D scan should be described as a definite high.